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Ultimate creation of power and light and kayaks.
Dude the Weinkle just saved Florida by attacking a hurricane and making it go the other way heading straight for north Korea. "Unleash your inner Weinkle"
by surfing dave March 25, 2008
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A mysterious, intellectual and stoic character who is in touch with the earth, has a penchant for hunting, tracking and kayaking, and believes in mystical and spiritual explanations for why things happen in the world. His stoicism and mystical outlook dominate his character and are the basis for many of his relationships and interactions in life.
Mr. Weinkle: "If you want to get high, get high at the beach. Better yet, get high at the beach, in a kayak."
by ks_ June 01, 2009
The most powerful being in the universe. Ever.
One time someone misbehaved in front of the Weinkle. This kid's birthday was the next day.

He didn't live to see it.

The Weinkle was unleashed.
by Serious Business April 09, 2008

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