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When a woman puts boiling water on a German mans wiener and then applies mustard and sauerkraut and digs in. Every bite she takes the man yells "OPA!!!"
woman-"oh Adolf i just wanna weinersnitzel you for din-din!"
man-"yipee-kay-yay mofo!"
by Caravan July 01, 2012
6 2

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food german hot dogs restaurant viennese cutlet
An old hot dog restaurant. from German Wiener Schnitzel, meaning Viennese cutlet.
We ate at the weiner snitzel.
by Bridgette1978 May 02, 2008
5 0
A very attractive German who smells like chocolate & weinersnitzel(German sausage).
"Have you seen the new foreign exchange student?He's a weinersnitzel."
by Vannah:] July 17, 2008
2 6