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A weevel is a bumhole, which is also known as a bum, an arsehole, a hoop or a bottom.
"Get off my weevel you pedo"
by Weevelman August 14, 2012
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Any number of philosophically experienced homeless/beggars. Regardless of the philosophy that the Weevel spouts, be it ingenious or just random babble, the listen will then think about what he or she has heard, and reflect upon his or her life. This is the power of the Weevel.
Jim: I just met the most intelligent man I've ever seen down the street.
Me: You mean Thomas the bearded Weevel?
Jim: Yeah, he got me to apologize to my ex girlfriend for cheating on me.
Me: He got me to start buying larger pizzas so I throw away more so he can eat the leftovers in the garbage...
by Skretch August 20, 2009
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