1) A Furry ball with a face. That you wear around your neck with a lanyard. You get paid for wearing it.

2) A phrase used to describe a man with hairy genitalia.
1) Guy1: Dude look at all this cash I got!
Guy2: How'd you get all that!?
Guy1: I got for wearing my Weepul!

2) Girl1: Omg, ya know that guy I was with last night?
Girl2: Yeah, what about him.
Girl1: He was soooooo HAIRY....down there...
Girl2: So you're saying he's a weepul?
Girl1: Exactly.
by woah, no! September 27, 2008
Top Definition
a furry pom-pom that has two googly eyes two large feet and two ears. They do not have mouths.

This word can also be used when you feel bored.
Autumn: WEEPUL!
Bob: That kid is a freak.
Joe: What the heck is a weepul?
Autumn: a weepul is a cute little pom-pom creature. I wish I had one.
by ajx3 January 31, 2009
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