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2 definitions by ajx3

a furry pom-pom that has two googly eyes two large feet and two ears. They do not have mouths.

This word can also be used when you feel bored.
Autumn: WEEPUL!
Bob: That kid is a freak.
Joe: What the heck is a weepul?
Autumn: a weepul is a cute little pom-pom creature. I wish I had one.
by ajx3 January 31, 2009
Obsession With Poking People.
This can sometimes cause you to get in trouble but it is not your fault.
When a child pokes you many times a day and will not stop often you find that they have an owpp.

-Jill pokes Jack-
Jack: Ow!
-Jill pokes Jack again-
Jack: Stop that!
-Jill pokes Jack again-
Jack: Jill stop poking me!
-Jill pokes Jack again-
Jack: Mom, Jill won't stop poking me!
Mom: Oh, Jill has a strange owpp.
by ajx3 February 01, 2009