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someone who is not willing to try or participate in a relatively 'lad-like' action.
Lad:Mate do you want to go to the pub?
Weenz:No,I've got too much work to do.
Lad:What an unbelievable weenz
by Goive December 29, 2004
Is an English colloquialism used in the southern hemisphere by Pacific nations. The term is most common in New Zealand.

Weenz is an adjective used to describe someone of small or puny size. Uncommonly, the term is used as a noun to describe someone with a boring personality who is not socially engaged.

1) Brendon goes to the gym 5 times a week but is still weenz as.
2) Iain is more weenz than Sean Needham.

3) Anton is not drinking tonight so he can play games. What a weenz.
by Ty-literate June 29, 2016
a pervert. also, cannot distinguish the difference between geography and geology. also, a person exhibiting somewhat hotdog like features.
kerri: i like him
juli: yeah, but he can be a real weenz sometimes
by yourworstnightmare!!!!!!!!!!!! March 02, 2011
A creative genius with a huge penis.

A person of God-like status
Beautiful, inside and out
i'm sick of my boyfriend, I wish he was a weenz
it's the apocalypse, if only we had a weenz
by choczilla March 20, 2016
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