A word that is used to describe a noun, verb, and pronoun. commonly used in day- to-day conversations.
person 1: wow your so legit
person 2: your such a ween!

person 1: that was such a fail
person 2: ween move....
by Manday30h3 June 21, 2010
A great nickname for anyone you love. This word has multiple definitions and it can be used in many situations. A ween is someone who is a very good friend and who is usually gay. This person is usually so adorable and lovable that you just scream "WEEN!" in a high pitched voice when you see them. It can usually be followed by the word "bean".
Stephen looks really cute today. You might say, "Oh Stephen you look like such a ween!"

Stephen bought you dinner. You might say, "Oh weeeeeen! That was so nice of you!"

A simple greeting: "Hi weenbean!"
by LadyQual June 03, 2010
caucasion male who smells like shit, wears satin shirts with snakes on them and has a ranga beard. an ultimate fail and a tardy.
josh - did you know glass was a liquid?
us - shut up ya ween
by Miss_bio January 27, 2009
The act of calling someone to play them Ween's Push the Little Daises. Done purely to annoy the crap out of them and entertain you. Best done when they're busy and/or you know they'll answer on their speakerphone. Even better if the victim hates the song (who doesn't?)

Ween, ween-ing, ween-ed

It's a good song to use because the awful sounds start instantly and it gets stuck easily.

"music playing"

"Dammit! Stop Weening me!"

by Angry Mike Jr March 21, 2009
A total wimp, someone who is annoyingly wimpy.
Bob: "Kelly, are you really fucking scared of the dark?"
Kelly: "Shut up! It's not my fault!"
Bob: "What a ween."
by A Person9876 June 13, 2008
A small, tiny, pathetic, little boy; to be bullied.
Look at Jimmy. That fag is such a ween.
by Joshua Allison June 19, 2008
to rub your dick against another man to make him move or get out of your way
i weened charlie so he would get out of the lunch line
by Exageran August 01, 2006

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