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A word that is used to describe a noun, verb, and pronoun. commonly used in day- to-day conversations.
person 1: wow your so legit
person 2: your such a ween!

person 1: that was such a fail
person 2: ween move....
by Manday30h3 June 21, 2010
21 36
The best band ever, formed when Gene Ween (Aaron Freeman) met Dean Ween (Mickey Melchiondo) in the '80s and started cutting weird but cool drug-induced music.
To anyone who disses Ween: maybe some people like to eat it, but I think you're a dick!
by HotnNow January 12, 2004
685 175
A band featuring two main memebers,who go under the stage names Gene Ween and Dean Ween. They tour with a live band, and in my own opinion are a lot better live.
Ween, played a great show last night!
by Big Buns August 16, 2006
180 78
Short for weiner; a large, erect member; male sexual reproductive organ; genitalia
Golly, Mr. Boone, you have a large ween. I can see it right through your long johns.
by JacK-pot February 05, 2010
135 55
to sneak or "weasel" ur way into somehing when the others dont want you
Chris: dude why is nick coming i hate him

Carter: sorry man he weened his way in
by The Prophet of Ezekiel September 27, 2011
24 18
Lots; a large quantity of. Scottish.
There were weens of indie kids at the party last night
by messeh_ November 14, 2009
7 3
children in scotland are sometimes referred to as weens, similar to American english 'wee-uns'
"I fuckin 'ate weens."
by oobyMach October 16, 2008
7 5
A loser. Someone who is not cool or chickens out of doing something. In other words: a lame person.
"fucking Noah and his lack of sarcastic comprehension.."
"I know man, he's a ween"
by The Boss.com March 23, 2014
2 2