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The ability to recognize/detect the smell of weed anywhere or on anyone who has just been smoking it. Almost like the word "gaydar" but only with weed.
Damn!You late for work again and....whats that smell? Fuck man! my weedar went crazy when you walked into the room.
by Nelao1hotchick January 25, 2008
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The faculty used to identify someone who is under the influence of marijuana.
That clerk at the video store was really setting off my weedar.
by Nick333 February 21, 2007
The ability to tell if somebody smokes marijuana without actually knowing the person.
My weedar is detecting that he smokes the stickiest of icky.
by Matt DaMan October 21, 2008
the ability when under the influence or not to detect marijuana in your general area and alert your friends.
Dude my weed-ar detects the stickiest of icky in the vicinity
by bilboe bagginz April 20, 2010
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Weedar always hooks you up.
by Weedar fan March 13, 2011

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