When your boxer shorts get pulled and the cloth gets shoved up the person's ass
I was changing in the locker room when all of a sudden my friend gives me a wedgie and my heart boxers goes up my ass and everyone sawto let everyone see.
by ballin565 May 18, 2007
when your underwear goes up ur asshole and it hurts
in the 4ht grade i got a wedgie by a boy at recess
by greg wedgier April 27, 2007
When a person (a.k.a jackass) grabs ur waistband and pulls up high therefore forcing the underwear to go up in ur butt crack.
One time i was at a sleepover with all my friends. I was really tired so i fell asleep before everyone else. So then my friends it would be funny to play truth or dare. So they woke me up. The leader of the group gave a everyone a card except me. They asked "truth or dare" to me. I said Dare. they read the card out loud and said "U have to let everyone in the room(there was 6 people in the room) give u an atomic wedgie, superman wedgie, messy wedgie, hanging wedgie, granny pantie wedgie, so basically all the wedgies in the book. I said sure 'cause i thought it was a group thing. Next thing you everyone's giving me wedgies SEPERATELY!!!!
I was digging my underwear out for hours!!!
by unfortunategrl March 08, 2011
When someone pulles up on someones underwear the gives the wearer of the underwear suver pain in the bottom. People that give wedgies are people that wear boxers.
Thurday I was on the playground and the bullies came up to me and gave me a hanging wedgie from my underwear and hung me to the swing set all day and then let me go after school
by wedgie man 4658 April 25, 2009
A form of punishment used widely throughout American High Schools, in which the receiver's underwear is yanked violently up into their buttcrack, often causing extreme pain and chafing.
I used to give this freshman atomic wedgies until he cried. He was really short and small so it was easy to give him some really powerful wedgies that made him unable to sit for hours or even days afterwards. The best time was when I gave him a frontal wedgie so hard it bruised his nuts. Those were the glory days.
by Rappunk799 June 15, 2014
when someones underwear is yanked up sharply and causes pain. There are many types of wedgies such as the melvin (when the front of your underwear is pulled up), a jock lock (were ur undies r pulled and then your legs are bended back and then ur feet are put thro the holes), a hanging wedgie (were ur undies r hooked onto something high like a coat hanger) and there r lots more! Most people love wedgies and i suggest u try them, also spanking your self whilst in a wedgie is good. wear tighty-wightys, boxers, thongs and other things like that! you may also like to try making your own pants for wedging. By some strong thin dental floss and some elestic and tie the floss to the elestic so that there are holes for your legs then start yanking! not everybody will like them but they might be good at the start of s.e.x. or to turn someone on or durring a strip tease or something (private strip tease) and if u want to wear some sort or stretchy thong or g-srting (or micro-thong) and have a shoulder wedgie in front of collegeous!!!
u can find wedgies in most high schools!
by nahnahnah12425 August 02, 2010
when someone grabs the waistband of your tighty-whities and lifts up, wedging the tighty-whities in between your butcheeks
Yesterday, my friend James gave me a wedgie and lifted up off the ground a little.
by wedgie reciver December 04, 2005

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