A painful experience wen the bak of ur underwear is pulled up ur bak wit gr8 strength
1 time changin 4 gym my friend came up behind me nd shouted WEDGIE so every1 in my class came and gave me a wedgie. They gave me an atomic wedgie nd den changed it 2 a hangin wedgie nd left me in their locker til after gym. wen dey let me down dey gave me a swirlie nd a wedgie at the same time. He did this 2 my other friend aswell so we got bak at my friend last time he slept over. We gave him a hangin wedgie na made him drink loads of water so he peed himself nd made him sleep in it. B4 we let him down we kicked him in the nuts nd den we gave him a swirlie. He hasnt given us a wedgie since but we keep doin it 2 him 2 make sure he dosent do it 2 us.
by Payback giver January 04, 2009
When someone pulles up on someones underwear the gives the wearer of the underwear suver pain in the bottom. People that give wedgies are people that wear boxers.
Thurday I was on the playground and the bullies came up to me and gave me a hanging wedgie from my underwear and hung me to the swing set all day and then let me go after school
by wedgie man 4658 April 25, 2009
when someone grabs the waistband of your tighty-whities and lifts up, wedging the tighty-whities in between your butcheeks
Yesterday, my friend James gave me a wedgie and lifted up off the ground a little.
by wedgie reciver December 04, 2005
When the underwear of a person is grabbed from behind and yanked hard up in the buttcrack of that person, causing pain and irritation. There are many variations of wedgies, performed on a variety of people. They are a common form of punishment for freshmen, nerds, geeks, and wimps. They are most commonly found in locker rooms and around schools.
I was given my worst wedgie at age 14. I was a freshman, and wore tighty whities cause that's all my mom would buy me. These older boys caught me changing for gym and grabbed my underwear, lifting me off the floor in a painful wedgie. I begged them to stop but they only wedgied me harder while my classmates watched and cheered. They hung my briefs from a hook on the lockers so my feet were off the ground cause I was really short. They took the rest of my clothes and then all 20 boys in the locker room got to punch me in the balls, I cried and they laughed! They made me drink all their water bottles and they shut the lights off and left. They told te teacher I was absent and I hung there for 2 hours. They came back to find me hanging there, asleep, a big puddle of pee under me and my briefs soaked. They laughed and took pics then left the next class found me and let me down but not before kicking me in the balls. That was my worst wedgie ever!!!
by Igotwedgie September 25, 2011
The exscruciating pain between the butt cheeks when underwear is pulled in a upward postion.
That bullie gave me a serious wedgie.
by corey10 November 05, 2005
A painful form of punishment or torture on uncool male children inwhich the underwear is pulled up sharply forcing itself up the victims ass. This may be complimented with swirlies, nipple twisting, and ball kicking.
When I was a freshman i was walking through the halls by myself when i was suddenly yanked of the ground by my tightey whities. I twisted around to see the school bully. He kept on pulling until i was in an atomic wedgie(underwear pulled over your head.) It was last period so he gave me a hanging wedgie on the hook on his locker. I heard the bell ring and suddely five seniours including the bully grabbed me from the locker and ran into the bathroom. they ripped off all my clothes except my tightey whities and flushed them down the toilet. They took pictures of my pasty body and then twisted my nipples really hard. Then they gave me another atomic wedgie but also a jock lock. Then they shoved my head into the toilet and gave me a swirly fo a minute. I started to cry but that just made them laugh more and kicked me in the balls. They finally took me outside again and slammed my back against the wall. then they grabbed my underwear and gave me the wrst frontal wedgie. I knew my sex life was over from then. They finally got bored of me and gave me a hanging wedgie from the basketball hoop.
by where its at20290 October 01, 2012
When a person (a.k.a jackass) grabs ur waistband and pulls up high therefore forcing the underwear to go up in ur butt crack.
One time i was at a sleepover with all my friends. I was really tired so i fell asleep before everyone else. So then my friends it would be funny to play truth or dare. So they woke me up. The leader of the group gave a everyone a card except me. They asked "truth or dare" to me. I said Dare. they read the card out loud and said "U have to let everyone in the room(there was 6 people in the room) give u an atomic wedgie, superman wedgie, messy wedgie, hanging wedgie, granny pantie wedgie, so basically all the wedgies in the book. I said sure 'cause i thought it was a group thing. Next thing you everyone's giving me wedgies SEPERATELY!!!!
I was digging my underwear out for hours!!!
by unfortunategrl March 08, 2011

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