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losers who wear whitey tighties, fags, and freshmen recieve these as punishment for existing.
my friend and me liked to give kids wedgies. we are 18. one day, a loser freshman kid with red hair and glasses was walking in the hall. without a word, we grabbed him and dragged him into the bathroom. he begged us, tried giving us his lunch money, but we laughed. we ripped off his shirt to find extremely white skin and tiny nipples, no muscle. we laughed and ripped off his pants. his legs had no hair whatsoever, and he was wearing whitey tighteys! we laughed, and we opened the back of his undies to see a pastey white ass. we spit in the undies. the kid was crying now. so we forcibly jammed the underwear as far up his ass as our strength let us, causing the white skin the become VERY red. we hung the undies from a hook in a stall over the toilet. my friend and me took a dump and didn't flush, so it smell really bad. we left the seat up so if he fell he would land in it. we stole his socks and shoes. We stuffed his clothes in the other toilets and peed on them. we each punched him in the nuts exactly 500 times before we left, spitting on his crotch. he cried his eyes out the whole time. we left his ass there and locked the stall AND the br door.
by loserkiller69 June 02, 2010

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