Webspeak: n. - 1. a type of communication used in corrispondance commonly associated with internet gaming. 2. spoken word, where acronyms and abreviations that are commonly used on the internet are sounded out or pronounced orally.

It involves using numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks, combined with certain combonations of other letters, to change the appearance of a certain letter. It also involves the use of numerous acronyms and abreviations, as well as using multiple keyboard functions to make likenesses of the human face to portray emotions.

also called Hax0ring, and the people who do it, Hax0rz.
1. omfgwtfbbqsauce, stfu i totally pwnt u. whatev i r 1337. ^^

2. This game is over, gee gee man, we got pawned hard.
by Broderick August 06, 2005
Top Definition
The way idiots type over the Internet, doing thngs such as shotening "you" to "u" or "come" to "cum." Also lacks punctuation and capital letters.
omg im so hot and u suk lol
by anonymous May 23, 2005

The official language for prepubesent morons. When somebody types,"u r jus a fag so jus jut up foo," contrary to "You're just a homosexual, so shut up fool!" Almost always lacking punctuation/commas. Some outgrow this as late as 16, when in rare cases people outgrow it as early as 11-12, like I have. If you want some better examples, go to www.weeworld.com. There are tons of stupid people there. Simple and easy to type words such as "too" and "you're", are translated into "2" and "ur or yoor."
Actual messege somebody ent me on weeworld:

u got som probs k u gay dog i doent talk to gays ok

Another example:

u the heck r u? and u know wat, freaker? i can send chain mail if i want 2 so stop talking 2 me!

Webspeak is annoying! These are the people that make me feel so inteligent!
by Misterstix66 March 27, 2009
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