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Webspeak: n. - 1. a type of communication used in corrispondance commonly associated with internet gaming. 2. spoken word, where acronyms and abreviations that are commonly used on the internet are sounded out or pronounced orally.

It involves using numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks, combined with certain combonations of other letters, to change the appearance of a certain letter. It also involves the use of numerous acronyms and abreviations, as well as using multiple keyboard functions to make likenesses of the human face to portray emotions.

also called Hax0ring, and the people who do it, Hax0rz.
1. omfgwtfbbqsauce, stfu i totally pwnt u. whatev i r 1337. ^^

2. This game is over, gee gee man, we got pawned hard.
by Broderick August 06, 2005
Mordoc- Son of Teamon, Slayer of Eya, God Of sun.
I want Mordoc To dwell With-in Me!!!!!
by Broderick November 14, 2003
Poop Is Fun To Eat
Robell said, " P.I.F.2.E."
by Broderick November 14, 2003
Mordocs Weapon Of Choice.
One Day Mordoc Will Bring His Morodic Dagger Down Into Robells Skull, Casting SHAME on His family, SHAME!!!
by Broderick November 14, 2003
A dirty Cunt
An Orgen Is Something Mordoc Frowns Upon, And One Day Will Bring His Morodic Dagger down upon anyone who has an Orgen.
by Broderick November 14, 2003
Patriotism, believe it or not, has a Latin stem word, and a Greek suffix. The stem word being "patria", meaning "land of one's fathers" or "fatherland" and the greek suffix "-ism" meaning "the act of" or "state of".

To put these two stems together would equal "the act of... land of one's fathers". Obviously we need to fill in the blank. As you can read above people have many different choices as to what goes into that blank(criticising, disagreeing with).

However, plainly stated, the definition of Patriotism is not up for discussion. and the word that goes into that blank is "love" or "devotion". A strong statement I know, but true. Please do not assume because I use strong words like love and devotion I am trying to conotate this definition, they are simply words, with definitions of their own, that are in the definition of the word patriotism.

Patriotism: n. - the act of loving or showing devotion to one's country.

Let's face it, patriotism is not a political stance or a veiw point. It's an emotion. Just like all emotions, how you choose to display them to the world is entirely up to you.
It is lamentable, that to be a good patriot one must become the enemy of the rest of mankind.
- Voltaire
by Broderick August 05, 2005
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