A webmonkey is an entry-level web designer/developer. They primarily write XHTML, CSS and Javascript code, converting layouts created by more experienced designers into functional web pages.
The client needs something online ASAP. Please put a design together and send it over to the webmonkeys for coding.
by Mila Jones December 15, 2010
Top Definition
the updater of Ross Noble's Wesite/myspace and his computer slave.
"The webmonkeys updated again"
"Ross' webmokeys are doing a great job"
"quick call the webmonkey, we're in need of a website"
by Emma Kenny January 23, 2007
Overworked web producers who make frequent grammar errors.
Those web monkeys at mlsnet.com are always dangling participles.
by Yizhak Finkelstein January 15, 2009
1. A hypocrite. A person given to hypocrisy.

2. The art of using circuituous and illogical premises when arguing.
Dude, please. You're such a webmonkey!
by Tom Gavin August 19, 2003
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