A scam/gimmick made by businessmen. The plan was to get a three year old to beg their moms to buy a webkinz and when the three year old finally gets it they enter a "secret" code on the official website so they can play with it in "magical happy wonderland". I bet most businessmen are saying "Look at these little kids who are falling for our traps! We're going to be rich!
Businessman: The little kids are falling for our traps! We're making money off of these webkinz!
by Webkinz Hater May 20, 2009
A game that actually used to be fun, then they starting stealing kid's money, and then they got more greedy than ROBLOX.

Me: Well, except that you have to pay to do 99% of things.
by xdarkvEnom October 13, 2013
A "child's toy"
Very cute, yet expensive.
They come with a "secret code" that you can put in online, and play with the pet ONLINE!
Boys make fun of them, but know they want to play with them.
they are addicting and very cool.
don't mock
you know you want a webkinz!
Girl 1: I got the webkinz seal!!!!!!!
Girl 2: omg lucky! i want it so bad!
Girl 1: well its on my account now, come over to my webkinz houswe and we can play with each others webkinz =)
by Webkinz Luverrr November 23, 2007
The "cute" animals girls like to play with. Most girls that play with them don't hit puberty until they're around 18. They like to have webkinz birthday parties and sleepovers. Most boys think they're pathetic. If you ever see a boy with a webkin, that automatically means they're gay. Emos buy them to make themselves feel better.
omgiluvwebkinz: OMG I GOT THIS NEW WEBKIN
webkinzrcute: omg! i wanna c it :) :) :)
football18321: Shut up you girls. No boy is gonna like you if you keep playing with webkinz.
omgiluvwebkinz: lololololol we're in webkinz world. all the webkinz luvvv us!
by BrianIsTheMan October 03, 2007

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