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Simple. Sauce that looks like vomit. Often tastes like it, too. Usually given to you at Olive Garden. Your friends dare you to lick it. You do, and it tastes like barf mixed with a bit of your mom. Then when you come home, it turns out you have diarrhea. From the sauce or the food with the sauce, who knows?! You use all the wipes and go to bed right after that, afraid that diarrhea will happen again.
Girlie Girl 1: OMG! They gave me this thing that looks like puke OMG OMG OMG.

Guy 1: John, look at this shit!
Guy 2: Wow, dude. Thats totally puke sauce.
by BrianIsTheMan October 01, 2007
The "cute" animals girls like to play with. Most girls that play with them don't hit puberty until they're around 18. They like to have webkinz birthday parties and sleepovers. Most boys think they're pathetic. If you ever see a boy with a webkin, that automatically means they're gay. Emos buy them to make themselves feel better.
omgiluvwebkinz: OMG I GOT THIS NEW WEBKIN
webkinzrcute: omg! i wanna c it :) :) :)
football18321: Shut up you girls. No boy is gonna like you if you keep playing with webkinz.
omgiluvwebkinz: lololololol we're in webkinz world. all the webkinz luvvv us!
by BrianIsTheMan October 03, 2007

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