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A diarrhea session that makes you bite your lip, roll your eyes up, howl in pain, and inwardly pray for mercy and light as your anus and rectum is destroyed by lethally hot liquid shit that feels like it's filled with razors. Usually to be had after a curry or eating at Taco Bell.
by The Jigga Man March 08, 2005
What people get after eating at Taco Bell
After I ate a burrito from Taco Bell and released a Weapon of Ass Destruction, everyone in the room was left unconscious.
by Assholes Inc. August 29, 2003
A fart of such magnitude that when released every living thing within a very large area is vaporized.
Harry used his weapon of ass destruction to lay the town to waste.
by Ass Destructor July 05, 2004
1)Anything natural or otherwise painfully inserted into the rectum during sex.

2) Anything used to kill donkeys.
.. She them pulled out a 12" dildo and used it as a weapon of ass distruction.
by black flag May 29, 2004
What u have to do is go to ur family doctor and get perscribed to urself viagra. Take the viagra so u have a raging boner for up to 4 hours. Then get numerous paint cans, all different colors. Then paint ur penis to resemble a Nuclear Missile. Hide in a closet near a bathroom when a female (or male , whatever u gay dudes want) is takin a shower and prepare urself. When she walks out sneak behind her and ram ur gigantic artifical wang and shove it her ass unexpectedly. While completely this yell "BAAAMMMMMMMM!!!" just like a nuke.
"im going to use my Weapons Of Ass Destruction."
by Josh Panz February 11, 2005
a shitting game invented by Anal Balzer and H - Bone where points are awarded based on various aspects of the shit.
This weekend i'm going to partake in a round of Weapons of Ass Destruction.
by tha h00tman January 28, 2007
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