when something or someone is incredibly bad.
when something sucks.
jim: man this game blows
todd: yeah, it's weak sauce!


when someone sucks
Jim: ahaha eric you are so bad at mario kart
Julian: yeah dude, weak sauce!

by you're weak sauce December 09, 2007
Describes an event or object that lacks inesnity and/or fails to fully accomplish its purpose. Used to degrade, or convey ones dissatisfaction in something.
When they are the 248 and you are the 313 and they are Weak Sauce
by Frothy Boi January 01, 2013
When some one or some thing is not to par or to your standards.
"Dollar beer night equals hangover"... Your buddy would then say "you are Weak Sauce!"
by P Flanders December 02, 2011
Lame ass excuse and or watery mustard.
That shit is weak sauce homie.

That hot dog had weak sauce...
by Puddinnnnn November 06, 2011
bad ketchup
i hate this weak sauce

waiter get me a different ketchup
by yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh July 01, 2011
1) A huge bitch-ass nigga, where no matter what happens they cannot change the fact that they are a BITCH-ASS NIGGA!

2) Any fast-food sauce where its taste is/would/can never meet the standard of any other type of sauce.

Adv. Adj. N.
Weak Sauce Nigga: Yo y'all heard dat?

Everyone Else: What are you talking about?

Weak Sauce Nigga: I thinks dats da PO-lice!!

Everyone Else: Nah you're bugging!

Weak Sauce Nigga: You know this da time when dem pigs are out, trying to crack down on niggas smoking pot!

Everyone Else: NAH! You're bugging!!

Weak Sauce Nigga: Nah imma dip, dat shit aint no joke!

(weak sauce nigga leaves)

*Everyone else finishes the fat blunt

Everyone Else: Yo that nigga is WEAK SAUCE, that was nothing but a raccoon in the trash can.

Moral of the Story: You got a FAT BLUNT going and you bail cause you hear a fucking sound. You are WEAK SAUCE!
by Witnesser To Weaksauce November 03, 2011
A term used to describe a person, thing or situation that is exceptionally lame, and is often associated with physical weakness.
You can't do ONE push up!? That is weak sauce.

You're car is totally weak sauce!

Man, I don't want to go to Brad's house, that guy is weak sauce.

I can't believe we're lost! This is so weak sauce!
by Matthew Forcella February 02, 2009

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