Welfare Dave- lowest form of life on earth. Eats government chesse.Wants more people to work to pay for his free gobmint chesse. Because he is to useless to work. Sucks off every level of government. (City,State,and Federal.) Goes fishing six fulls days a week, but yet can't work.
You working this week? No I am pulling a WD.
I wonder if my gobmint check came yet? Go check you mail box WD.
by Chesse spotter March 01, 2008
Top Definition
Well Done

Internet speak, also see wp
<bob> i got an A
<sam> wd
by Robadob April 09, 2004
To mess something up with such disregard to common sense it almost seems implausible. It's root meaning comes from the 43rd U.S. President George W. Bush.
"That makes no sense. You tried to make pancakes on the hair dryer while drying your hair to save time getting ready for work?"

"Yeah. I think I really W'd up when I added the syrup while driving to work".
by B-SEAN-D January 18, 2007
An abbreviation of Well Done.
Often used by myself to annoy others, especially Josh :D
Holly: W.D.
Josh: Just say "well done"!!!!!! It's two less syllables!
by sTiCkY cApS August 08, 2005
Short for withdrawal. After someone stops taking a substance habitually, they typically go through a period of withdrawal where the body learns to function without said substance, generally causing discomfort to some level or even death. Caffeine, antidepressants, illicit drugs and alcohol can all cause withdrawal symptoms when used habitually and after being abruptly quit.
"Ugh I'm switching from caffeine to tea in this mornings and I'm going through caffeine wd."
"Man if I don't find some dope I'm gonna wd."
by raginwaterseason February 19, 2014
Weed deprived. The act of being stressed because you haven't smoked weed in a while.
"I'm WD Bro."
"Me too, I haven't smoked since last month."
by Jenbenten September 25, 2014
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