1) A reply in a conversation, when one hasn't understood what thier friend has said.
2) A request for an explanation.
Person 1) Will you be reducing some polysaccarides tonight?
Person 2) Wazza??
by Jessibabyphantom September 12, 2006
Top Definition
What thugs say when they are in a close proximity to superior beings (which is most of the time).
YO G...WAZzA...!
by Like ... sam yo June 13, 2003
A religion made in the IRC of Starbound. The leader of such religion is the game dev Rho_. The high priest is Ecstatic-Wired and the vice high priest is Penjuin.

Wazza is also a currency of their religion, and it is not materialistic, as it is a currency of the soul.
Joe: Hey, did you hear about that new religion, wazza?
Bob: Yeah, it's totally awesome!
by Penjuin February 18, 2012
An unsofisticaed, usually annoying, australian slang for a bimbo, whore, prostitute.
Oi m8 ima pound that wazza till me dock folls off ye m8...
by HoeInTheRoomYeahImHere September 27, 2015
A hairy bum hole
Dave shaves his wazza
by talladega1985 June 25, 2009
A soccer freak
by Bob June 26, 2003
Wazza is the less violent word of 'Wanker'
That driver is a fucking wan.. wazza. -.-
by JawjarBetf October 05, 2009

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