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well if you had a bag and you needed to waz you would waz waz means shit so shitbag or pissbag
Guy1: your sister called me a wazbag.
Guy2: I object to that.
Guy1: so did I dont even now what a wazbag is.
by wazzbagger February 18, 2012
A slang term for boobs
'Get your wazbags out for the lads'

'Dude, check out the size of those wazbags'
by waz and smoop June 16, 2009
Named after the Muslim man that sits at the top of a Minaret and calls Muslims to prayer. Real name is a Meuzzin or something like that. Known to alot of ex-pats who lived in Bahrain and other middle east countries as a Wazbag as that is what their call sounds like.....Waaaaazzzzzbbbbbaaaggggg.
by garymc65 July 18, 2009
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