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- any person who is named Wayne that is a total asshole or goof

-the combination of the name Wayne with the word anus, describing any person named Wayne who is a asshole
"Wayne sure has been a real dick lately, he's being a total waynus!"

"Wow listen to him yell like he knows what he's talking about, what's waynus' deal?"
by Billy'z Bong Thorton November 09, 2006
19 14
Someone names Wayne who is incredibly awesome and a great friend. Combination of Wayne and anus. It sounds funny. He's the funniest mother fucker around too.
Aww look over there, Waynus is being such a goof!

That's my Waynus!
by funnygirllllllllllllll February 04, 2013
4 1
Waynu is a teenage boy who can't get 30 seconds alone to go on a web cam without his mother smacking him.
I wish I wasn't a Waynu.
by Possessive November 25, 2008
1 0