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jacking in the shower or anywhere submersed in water
I was rinsing off and this vision of this walnut ass leapt into my brain so I had to wax the dolphin,
by Amanda Hugginkiss December 24, 2003
male masturbation; jacking off, choking the chicken, bashing the bishop, polishing the rocket.
When i think about my gf, i start waxing the dolphin.

I walked in on Barry waxing the dolphin.
by DJ Buss April 27, 2010
Waxing the dolphin (v.)
to masturbate, jack off. When a male has sex with his his hand a.k.a. Jill. The act of masturbating. Generally done by males age 12-18.
Wack off Jack off Masturbate
Christain: Dude Michael waxes his dolphin while on Geaogia's myspace!
Austin: Oh my god! Thats disgusting, I feel bad for Georgia.

Christian: Holy crap! Grant was " Waxing the Dolphin " in the locker room
by ChristianK April 17, 2007
this is when you just finished porking your bitch and can't find a hand towel to dry off. She has to use her hand stroking up and down until dry.
Bitch, I aint gettin out of bed, wax my dolphin!
by DDA October 07, 2003
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