Slang for eating or ate.
Timmy waxed on some Mcdonalds.
by xxxdcshoecoxx November 19, 2007
Top Definition
The act of being killed, more than likley because of a deal gone bad.
Timmy T got waxed last night becuase he couldent pay up.
by Chupa November 22, 2004
waxed (verb past tense)

U.S. military slang for having killed a target in action.
When I was deployed in Iran, some camel jockey stabbed me through my tactical vest and was stupid enough to let go of his stiletto to attempt a rifle disarm. I pulled the blade out of me and disemboweled him with it. One hostile waxed.
by DEVS CHAOS April 23, 2009
same as plastered or wasted on anything or everything. Just really, really f-ed up
My life is so screwed up right now, but it's alright because I'm going to waxed and cum on some tits tonight.
by P Gibby November 29, 2004
The act of rubbing surfboard wax on someones car's windows and head lights. this is normally done to some out-of-towner who tries to move in on your local surf territory.
man someone totaly waxed your car.
by Rickman69 March 04, 2005
the state of being extremely intoxicated
I heard bob was at a strip club and got taxed. Yeah, and the funny part is he wasnt even waxed.
by Allan Walker May 06, 2006
means to spend cash
I went out on friday night with 100 pounds in my pocket and I "waxed" the lot.
by Michael Bailey May 08, 2004
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