A nickname for a person who is a total faggot and is a bitch when he is around girls to try and get pussy.

Originated for Nick Gier.
Mags: yo man look at Maltby over there bein a bitch with Emily
Andy: ya man what a Wats-bots-bagots


Mags: dude gier's been goin out with allyssa for like a year and a half and hasnt gotten ANYTHING
Andy: yeah man he' an egyptian wats-bots-bagots
by andy and mags January 13, 2008
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Someone who is a complete bitch around girls just to be a bitch or to try and get pussy.
Maggs: Yo man maltbys bein a total bitch with Emily over there.
Andy: yeah bro he bein a wats-bots-bagots.

Maggs: dude at like every party mike wiggs crys in a corner and plays asteroids.
Andy: yeah he tries to get attention by bein a lil bitch; or a wats-bots-bagots.
by andy and maggs January 16, 2008

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