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The hershey candy bar with the biggest frikin name ever. They must've had some real good ideas on the name thinking this one up.
Hershey board meeting:

CEO 1:So do we have any suggestions for this new candy bar. No?, well lets put on our thinking caps guys, because this is one hard nut to crack. Its more of a watchamacallit?
by NateK July 10, 2005
A word used to replace a word that you don't know. "Doohickey" and "thingamajig" are equivalents.
You just push the button on the watchamacallit, then it's ready!
by th100 May 27, 2010
A word to say when you can't recall the word you require.
Ohmygosh! Have you ever seen or been to... *click fingers* uhhh..... watchamacallit?
by jessklara August 26, 2011