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Getting completely and totally shitfaced out of your mindpiece. Being wastchiff takes being "wasted" to a whole new level. When you get wastchiff you end up treating people like shit, drunk dialing your grandma, and beating your meat to gay porn. You aren't just getting drunk, your getting brownout at the very least. You can also achieve the "ultimate wastchiff" by smoking an incredibly large amount of ecstacy laced weed. Usually this ultimate state of fucked-up-ness is graded on a scale 1 to wastchiff
"Wow...this is some really dank nug"
"Yea i know bra...i laced it myself...were gonna be wastchifffffffffffffff"

bra...last night i was so wastchiff that i couldn't even spell

On a scale of one to faced how fucking wastchiff are you right now?

I was so wastchiff this past weekend that i almost found a used condom...fuck i was soooooooo wastchiff
by bossmann April 10, 2006
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