a really good looking guy who smokes pot, he usually doesn't speak his mind which makes him mysterious and sexy
That guy is such a waspoid!
by tinkerbell June 07, 2003
Top Definition
A mix between a prep/rich kid and a stoner. Basically, a cute guy who wears polo shirts, comes from a good family, drives a nice car, possibly gets his hair higlighted and is all around pretty clean cut. Other than the pot. Has all the makings of a succesful person if they didnt spend all their time smoking up. Literally, the word is a blend of WASP and wasteoid. In other words, every guy at my school.
Flynn is such a waspoid, he dresses like a Ralph Lauren model and gets high while driving his Dad's Porsche.
by Blaire January 02, 2004
A definition from the infamous series, Gossip Girl. Meaning, an always wasted, always baked, wears cashmere sweaters, afraid of commitment-guy.
"Why did you leave him?"
"Because he's a total Waspoid"
by Hellie March 18, 2006
When you combine a WASP, (white anglo-saxon Protestant) young man with a little bit of mary-jane, you get a waspoid.
Nate's like a trustafarian but cuter, no dreadlocks, no hippy-smells, just cute boys with high quality weed. Gotta love WASPoids
by Angie November 02, 2003
A bunch of pussies who smoke up because they think "I'm rich, I'm popular, and I'm high. How much sweeter could life be!?" Ironically, they generally look down upon the very people who supply them with weed, and are unable to smoke with non-waspoids.
Fuck those waspoids. I'd much rather smoke our last quarter then sell it to those bitches.
by 'sup P December 09, 2004
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