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A mix between a prep/rich kid and a stoner. Basically, a cute guy who wears polo shirts, comes from a good family, drives a nice car, possibly gets his hair higlighted and is all around pretty clean cut. Other than the pot. Has all the makings of a succesful person if they didnt spend all their time smoking up. Literally, the word is a blend of WASP and wasteoid. In other words, every guy at my school.
Flynn is such a waspoid, he dresses like a Ralph Lauren model and gets high while driving his Dad's Porsche.
by Blaire January 02, 2004
A show on MTV hosted by Ashton Kutcher. He pranks celebrities and says "I'm Ashton Kutcher and...I'M AWESOME!". Also see dumbfuck and reality tv
I'm dumbass Ashton Kutcher and you've just been punk'd!
by Blaire January 16, 2005
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