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North of Anchorage, Alaska, home of the Iditarod, the Iron Dog, and the best Doob on the planet.
by Will Shootcha October 16, 2003
A pretty chill place to live, wide open, lots of trails, great place to raise a family. not too much crime, but there are a lot of meth-heads.

even people here hate the Palins. We hate being known for her ignorant ass, and the media reported the worst parts of town, and the dumbest fucking highschool ever.
Dan: good fucking god, that Alaska show with the Palins makes me want to kill myself

Rachel: I know, she's such a stupid ho, she gives us all a bad reputations in Wasilla. she's probably a meth head herself
by Rayrayak February 06, 2011
The biggest little place on earth. Home to the crystal meth capital of alaska & sarah palin. named after eskimo cheif who enjoyed smoking the green
whoa! it's wasilla!
by cw. t January 15, 2009
A city about 45 miles North of Anchorage. Famous thanks to that retarded cunt Sarah Palin. Boasts an impressive amount of meth labs(1 in 5 people cook meth). A literacy rate staying steady of around 15%. Absolutely horrible high school sports teams. Not to mention the ugliest women in the nation.-U.S. Dept. of Commerce
Goddamn I fucking hate Wasilla!
by Palin Todd December 11, 2010