1. Another way of saying what's up to your homies.

2. A way of saying your friends brother is gay.
Your bro is such a wasabi

Yo wasabi, hoes it hangin?
by CrazyCaddy_84 January 04, 2004
A wannabe hardcore style of asking "What is up?"
by Denny Tang February 09, 2003
Slang used by asians and computer nerds, usually meaning "What's up?" in the languages of people with a life.
Wasabi w00t let's go play cs all day and all night!!!
by you suck weener face April 14, 2003
means a word that only stupid idotic ppl use or hot japneese food or paste
by hey ehy hey hey hey hey hey May 26, 2003
The extra-spicy version of guacamole. Often occurs when a female eats hot Mexican food, drops a deuce, and when wiping, inadvertently gets spicy feces in the vagina.
Torres has been squirming around in her seat all day because she's got some wasabi in her meat wallet.
by Pvt Karssen July 30, 2006
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