A great MMOFPS, much better than counter-strike because it is free to download and play. Currently in the Beta 4 stage it should go for full release sometime this winter. There are 5 different classes of playable characters (Engineer, Medic, Scout, Combatant, Heavy-Weapons) each with their own specialties. Each character starts with base weapons and then more powerful weapons can be leased for certain amounts of time. There are also three different types of combat, Close Quarters Combat (CQC), Urban Ops, and Battle Group. Vehicles are a great addition to the game and there are many from motorcycles, tanks, airplanes, helicopters and even boats. The best part about it though is the Punk Buster software that prevents hacker and cheaters alike.
Wow man, you were right. War rock is way better than Counter Strike. I don't know why i played that game for so long.
by Calvin7658 November 20, 2006
Top Definition
An online first person shooter overrun by hackers, whiners, haters, antisocial, antisemites, racists, bigots, crack babies, kids with A.D.D., fat 40 year old slobs, alcoholics, drug addicts, and many other degenerate fucks!
Farging nub hacker go play warrock!
by IContributeNothingToSociety April 03, 2008
Used to be a great game. Now its full of Newbs, The most common word in "Warrock" Is Lagger Or Hacker. Because its full of 5 year olds who cant play fps.
Guy1: Dude i just started playing Warrock!
Guy2: You fail at life, go play some real FPS like Counter strike: Source
by Markwizz March 10, 2008
A game that used to be good, until the people who make Warrock decided to prefer payed users instead of the die-hard free users that used to have fun playing. Now free players are restricted to horrible guns, and cannot download as many custom maps or content. Filled with hackers who can't play the right way, crying 10 year old children, and idiots who like to make movies and lag out the game. Warrock is a more expensive knock-off of Battlefield 2, only instead with crappier graphics and non-existent armies.
Person 1: Hey man want to play some Warrock?

Person 2: Why? So I can get bitched at by some child who claims I'm a hacker since I shoot him in the head for hiding in the same spot?
by Da Milkman January 31, 2009
A very, very mediocre game, once known for it's amazing gameplay during it's beta stage, it quickly declined after commercial release.

This is because privileges were taken from fans and players, and given only to those who paid.

The game uses a P2P networking system, so there is tons of lag for many players with slower connections, unlike Counter-Strike.

It has a fair number of weapons, though the ones which free players may use are either expensive in-game,or were nerfed down.

The game has fallen back as the best FPS because of commercial release. Updates are unreliable, and so are servers. Often, the game is easily hacked, because of using a really bad anticheat, Punkbuster
War Rock was my favourite First Person Shooter until it was released in stores.
by CriticalDesign December 06, 2007
A mediocre FPS game. It borrows from Counter Strike(Close Quarters Combat) and Battlefield 2(Urban Ops, Battle Group). Compared to most games, it requires significantly less RAM as compared to others, however you need a decent graphics card and 512MB+ of RAM to experience little to no lag.

Lately the game has been going downhill, hackers have overrun the game, and PunkBuster is unable to stop them as they can bypass even hardware bans. Not to mention the game is filled with 10 year old prepubescent nerds who lack brains and/or language speaking skills.
I'm glad I quit War Rock. You'd find a better experience on Unreal.
by sublym0nal August 29, 2007
war rock is a FPS free to play that back in 12/09/05 it never left beta stage somtimes compared to battlefield 2 released in 21/06/05 due to simalar but not quite game play. Although this game is F2P there are still a huge nummber of people paying to play *premium* and many people with retail accounts *permanant 8th slot*. this game is also P2P so subject to DDOSERS idiots who download cheats and the people who make the cheats allso known as hackers, this has always been the case. The game is carried by people who pay to play and invest money into the game. All accounts over 6 months old should be made base accounts and able to use creat account for free. where as new accounts should be pay to create small fee like 2-3 dollars this would illiminate cheats and sofware overclockers like alex and denverx.Theres a counter argument that is invalid, that credit card theft would happen to create accounts this is compleate nonsense yes it is inevitable but cheats are cheats and do it because they are brainless cowards and thus unwilling to steal just to cheat on what is becoming a good but outdated over patched under expanded non permaban ip or hardwear serial codes game. The pay to play players are compleatly under appreciated by the free to play leaches and companies that *host* and develop the game.
player a we shall call him denverx has a PC rig that can run all current 2013 games without a hitch/glitch/lag turns on *software overclocking softwear* to run this 2005 game so it game runs faster at the kernal level he shoots faster, turns faster, reloads faster, gets to top speed faster, runs faster, regens stamina faster. if it wasnt for the fact that this overclocking method doesnt touch war rock like other injectors*cheat engins* it would be called using a 3rd party piece of softwear and the dude would get banned for using it.
now player 2 we shall call him seconchance a player that has played from day 1 has an even better pc no laggs via internet is actualy skilled in flying and all ground based tasks, doesnt cheat or use ingame bugs, duels denverx without him using his funky softwear beats him in a dog fight 25 times to 3 remember both pcs are great for this 2005 game, now there is a remach same day this time denverx uses his softwera overclocking tackle and secondchance brings 3 friends that btw are better at dogfighting then secondchance this time denverx beats the team of 4 with a final score of 75 to 2 you do the math.. and this person doesnt get banned mods change sides to play with him..that is what this game is now.. garbage and yes there are whiners that pay to play this game and cheats mess it up.
by secondchance October 21, 2013
Free counterstrike/BF2 clone.
Human being: Excuse me sir are you violating the license agreement by earning illegitimate points?
by Muse23432423244 November 02, 2008
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