A World of warcraft chracter. And the player base is mainly existing of whiny nerd raging eleven years old.
Warrior is killed by a Death knight in a WSG.

Warrior: That DK killed me, F*** HIM, NERF NERF NERF!
by Jans91 February 07, 2011
Warriors and Souljahs, are the people who are put into bad conditions, yet they are able to survive against all odds and make something out of their life.
"A warrior and/or souljah, are people who have risen from the gutters and changes their life to something worthfull. It's like a THUG." Tupac Shakur and Darryl Brennan.
by DRB October 11, 2007
Warriors are the combatants, the soldiers and assasins that dominate the worlds. The Warriors often times resort to physical violence to solve problems, more so than any magic-users or psions. The Warriors recognize the battlefield as a way of life. It may not be necassary, but they fight on nonetheless.
It is during war that the Warrior shows his true worth.
by Detranova August 06, 2003
The punching bags or meat shields in the World of warcraft that isolate bosses and mobs from raids so a guild can be successful as a whole.
We will all be wtfpwned if the warrior happens to die during this boss fight, because he will lose all aggro on the boss.
by Trueblonde October 03, 2006
A schizophrenic former WWF wrestler who thinks he's god and runs a website full of senseless reamblings that only someone as sick as him can understand.
The warrior belongs in a mental ward!
by Brad Dotlich October 20, 2003
A butch lesbian, or dike. Commonly found working in steel mills and lumberjacking in the forest.
Tyler: Dude look how jacked that guy is!
Jim: That's no guy, that's a warrior.
by Abele January 28, 2008
A patheological liar.a narsacist with bi polar tendacies.Needs to be heavily medicated and should not associate with the public.starts most/all fights where people are concerned.center of attention.whore,liar,cheater and all around nasty person.will always attack helpless people when they least expect it.charges men for sex and willingly sells herself on the open market to the highest bidder.Is always the butt of the joke because she is a joke.Does not play well with others.Never is held accountable for her actions.Least likely to ever advance in her life because people like this should never be alowed to live.Should have been drown at birth.
I can't believe she was arrested for prostitution.she is such a warrior.(whore)
by samanthatwheat August 28, 2008
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