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A person who eats bullets like a champ. Has to power to kill you in one burst when you shoot three into him. Pretty much refuses to die because his internet makes him invincible and he won't admit it. You can't compete with his god connection, so just expect him to melt you 10 times out of 10 and cry because you don't have FiOs.
This dude is such a warrior - Revan

Most common call out in an 8's lobby "You're a warrior" - Revan
by Custard_cream June 06, 2013
Girls that flirt with pro Call of Duty players on the internet to gain popularity and attention. Most of them are unattractive, constantly tweet at pros, and possess little to no actual skill at the game. They only talk to guys that are on top teams and have no shame in whoring themselves out to more than one guy at a time. Benefits of being an e-hoe include gaining hundreds or even thousands of followers, all while ensuring that no one will ever take them seriously as a competitive gamer.
Did you see what she said to that guy on Fariko? She's such an e-hoe.

That e-hoe is so ugly. I don't even know why guys like her.
by Custard_cream April 11, 2013
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