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An area of Warren, Michigan that is filled with run-down starter homes, and which has a very large white trash population. It gained its name for having a high number of people who look like they're from rural Kentucky (ie. pickup trucks on the lawn, etc.). It's somewhere near Groesbeck and 10 Mile, I think.

All of Warren is not Warrentucky, but there is a certain amount of spillover into other parts of the city. It is not uncommon to see rusty Chevy Berettas filled with skanky Warrentucky chicks driving around. For these vehicles, an Insane Clown Posse sticker is almost mandatory.
I'm sick of seeing nasty-ass chicks from Warrentucky. They're all ugly and tattooed.
by warrensucks September 04, 2005
a part of a city where the hick population is high city usually has high crime rate
south warren,michigan
Lets go to Timmy's house nah fuck that he lives in warrentucky
by D block November 09, 2004
a word truck delievers use to say warren michigan
god damn i have a route in warrentucky today
by vince March 30, 2005
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