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Another way of saying WTF
You have a very warped sense of humour. WTF!!
by Insane2theLimit December 04, 2011
One sexy biatch, Constantly harrased by Flea, Moxin and Subotai for sexual favors but they're below Warped and not in his his league.
"I hate Warped because Booyah wants his D" -Oasis
by Warped February 13, 2003
When a person gets so seshed they start to lose touch with reality. Almost a high sensation.

See sesh.
I'm so warped, I can hardly see straight.
by Derek C. March 14, 2005
One who give out handjobs for money.
Gentrypz was so desperate for money he becamed Warped
by TheWonder April 30, 2003
When someone or something is or has been moving at an amazingly fast speed.
"Did you see that kid run the 100 meter dash?"
"Yeah, he was warped!!"
by SpeedHB March 24, 2007
the real warped, of 2advanced shutdown and savants
if you need some lovin, call warped.
by the_real_warped July 07, 2003
A silly n00b who always gets pwned but doesnt even know it
warped just got warped by gin666 and moxin
by Pwner February 13, 2003