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Is a God
All hail Warmonkey
by MrNice October 20, 2003
1) See: George Bush

2) A person who uses his power illegally as a means of making war upon innocent civilians to further his own political agenda.

3) An animal slightly smarter than a rock that loves to kill for no reason.
George Bush is a war monkey and should be put on trial!
by Jesus Christ June 21, 2003
A mutant species of homosapien.The warmonkey is known for its sucking of farts out of the anus' of dead animals.
"Look at that warmonkey doing his stuff on a dead goat"
by Anonymous March 23, 2003
1. Hairy beast
2. Anus bar
by Anonymous March 23, 2003
a complete loser that needs to be put in jail or a mental hospital
like a nutcase
by no April 09, 2003