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"This man on keyboards is Janne Warmen. And He's going to play some shit for you!"
by Kurtis March 15, 2005
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1 (adjective)- slang for homosexual. literally means warm.

2 (adjective)- German for the word "warm."
1. "Ha ha! Du bist ein Wärmen mann!" (Ha ha! You are a warm man!)

2. "Das wasser ist sehr Wärmen." (The water is very warm.)
by Colin E. July 09, 2006
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really cute,petite, impressionable young freshmen girls
"Enjoy the warmens!!!!"

-conscience to jaded 24 year old college senior who feels like a molester for taking interest in the care and sensuality of cute, impressional, young freshman girls
by underqueerthrin December 06, 2010
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