Capable of making little kids who play wow angry and sad and thus have to create definitions which while may be somewhat accurate, reflect poorly upon the original.
-Also has chipmunk style cheeks.

Furthermore, the interwebz srs business be here.
-Octorok is one such individual who was angry enough at nubgall so as to create an UD definition of him.
-Wargall makes small children cry with his giant chipmunk cheeks.
by mexican't January 14, 2009
Top Definition
a really bad world of warcraft player on the lightnings blade us server. he enjoys suckin dick and playing WoW at the same time. He is easily spotted in his pale white skin and often has angry white kid music blasting on his headphones. He enjoys making himself look stupid on the world of warcraft forums.
fuckin dumbass wargall.
by lightningsbladeusserver January 06, 2009
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