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just like war driving, but drifting at the same time
mainly done in a car or whatever that gets sidways while your buddies in the back seat of the vehicle using a laptop, wifi enabled phone, PDA or Ipod touch to find unsecured wifi to look up porn or facebook

its the more ''fun'' way of getting free internet, can be done solo but your rate of crashing is high
dude1 '' so I'm taking Sarah home right, but then all of a sudden she ran out of phone credit and wanted to login to facebook so she wanted to go to MacDonalds to use their free wifi so i said no and said ''fuck macca's wifi, we're going wardrifting'', so then we went drifting around the place while she was on facebook
dude2 '' was it fun?''
dude1 ''fuck yeah!''
by greasemonkey93 December 25, 2011
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