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girls who just drink diet soda and bites of salad in front of guys and their friends, but as soon as the get home they proceed pig out.
they give off the impression that they are anorexic, but are actually faking it.
Emily: Why did Melanie only eat three bites of apple for lunch today?
Jackie: Who knows, maybe she's trying out the whole wanorexic thing
by Hefty_Fine April 18, 2007
known in the pro-ana community as someone who doesn't have an eating disorder, but think that it's an easy way to lose weight. this person fails to realize that people with anorexia nervosa suffer from such a crippling mental disease. often used in therapy sessions, blog communities, internet message boards, etc...
girl 1: do you see that fat bitch?
girl 2: she has to weigh like 150 pounds.
girl 1: god, i wish they'd get rid of these wanorexics!
by Brittnasty The Mad MC October 20, 2005