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Little kid insult. Lovechild of Wanker and Einstein.
Guy 1: "You're quite a wankstein did you know that man?"
Guy 2:"Wankstein? What are ya?"
by xxoo May 14, 2003
a collage picture that one makes for when they jerk off. for example, they will go thru dirty mags and get loads of body parts off girls they like, eg. 'i like that pussy and those feet and that stomach and those legs...' and then they are all stuck together to create the 'perfect girl'. this is known as a wankstein, from the words 'wank' and 'frankenstein'
Buddy: yo dog i just bought 17 porn mags and made a big wankstein to stick on my wall
Dwayne: stop ur frontin, i got 12 wanksteins and theyre all better than urs fool
by crazy-ass bitch July 12, 2006
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