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a wanabe gangstar e.g. Ja Rule
see i might be nick but i am rock hard i could kill a man with Ja Rules identfication card
by nichlas mackende March 22, 2004
12 6
Wankstar is a street name for a wannabe
Pimp/Gangstar and is that name of a film company "wankstarfilms".
by zed October 23, 2003
7 2
someone who pretends to be pimpin doesn't stay real cause 4 real he'z just trippin (also know as Tyler Somerano boy give it up cause you ain't ghetto!!)
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
6 3
Most wanked to people on earth featured on thankyourwank.com The wank stars include a list of guys, a list of gals and a top of most wanked to celebrities.
Shasha Grey is such a wank star! She is always on the top most wanked to people on thankyourwank.com
by WankMistress July 11, 2011
1 0