Insult: 1.used to show annoyance at someone. some one who just wont go away no matter how hard you scrub.
'he was being such a fucking wank stain it was unbelievable'
by Daveyboy March 22, 2004
1. A persistant annonoying twat .2. Something you desperately want to get rid off but with a great deal of difficulty.
1. Get out of my face , you wankstain !
2. That housemate of mine is harder to get rid off than the wankstain on the wall!
3. This mate of mine is a proper wankstain !
by Lester122 April 02, 2007
A politician. The only politicians worth any respect are a few dead ones
Tony Blair and George Bush, what a couple of WANKSTAINS!! Must wash them off my sheets, better still BURN THE FUCKING SHEETS!!!..........."whats that you say nurse, medication time?"
by lord nobcheese August 11, 2006
A stain on the trousers of the world; a worthless or insubstantial person; one possessing no redeeming qualities, who is a waste of life.
"Goddamn but that guy's a fuckin' wank-stain!" or "Normally I'd love to Bob, but I regard you as a wank-stain and must decline."
by James McLean July 01, 2002
a stain which is on ones clothes which has been accomplished from shaking hands with the one eyed mlikman
an example of the work wankstain in a sentence is" hey you have a big wankstain on your trousers" or more violently "fuck off you wankstain"
by elliot hackney February 21, 2006
Big fat juicy pile of man juice, stuck on your curtains! Is a Stain
spunk on curtains
by James Wall August 10, 2003
A wankstain is a person who was formed when his father came on the matress after knocking one out and whos mother just happened to roll over.
A stain on the matress of society
You're such a fucking wankstain
by James Dryden May 23, 2007

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