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Tha Hand, typically (though not always) the right hand (for example, making the left hand numb, so it feels like someone else is doing it).
jeez, i broke my wankspanner on some cunt's face at the boozer last night, and now i have nothing left to live for :(
by skalla grim July 29, 2006
6 4
wank spanner-reference to the wanking hands of a fit bird in reference to her wanking you off

2 jeremy beadles deformed hand also known as a wank spanner
check out the wank spanners on that bird
look at jeremy beadle and his deformed wank spanner
by Jeremy Beadle January 15, 2004
47 18
Your hand(s). A tool to complete the job of jacking off with.
Whats the boy going to do..he got both his wank spanners blow of in Bagdad
by poondaddy January 05, 2005
30 9
A derogatory insult, a cross between a wanker and a spanner.
Give it back Geoff and stop being such a wankspanner!
by Wigda April 30, 2006
13 5
1. Your hands
2. What your hands become if you use them to masturbate more than 7 times a day
3. Really big hands
1. on average people have 1.9999' wankspanners
2.I had to see a sex-therapist after masturbating too much and developing wankspanners, the only solution was castration but now I just castrabate
3. Brendan Goodbody has wankspanners (we're talking A4 paper sized hands)
by Leroy Larger February 07, 2005
6 1
Andy M is the prime exaple of one of these.

Oi!! Wank spanner!! You down the pub later??
by Brother of Wankspanner January 04, 2007
4 13
mother fucker who is the ultimate arsehole, and no matter how hard he/she trys evrybody will hate. i.e.
joe is a fucking WANK SPANNER
by Shane B January 13, 2004
4 25