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A rag for which the clean-up procedure after a hefty ejaculation period. Sometimes such a rag can be used during said action so as to catch spermatozoa before offending matter causes bother.
'Lucky I had the old wankrag handy otherwise mum would have seen the clues for sure!'
by Spursboy November 08, 2004
9 2
A garment of clothes used to wipe up the wangsturbation juices.
Get your wank rag out of the living room trent, victor is licking it again.

Trent use the wank rag to wipe the wangsturbation juice from his face.
by Jew December 31, 2003
39 13
A rag, usually used after masturbation to clean up the nasties.
Billy, the cat is licking your wank rag again!
by CommunistWithAGun December 29, 2003
24 14
a dissused rag/garment ie a sock, used for wiping love juice on...
claire!, move ur wank rags out of the front room!!!
by 47 falkland street December 22, 2003
11 11