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Trolling the internet for good porno vids to wank to
Yeah man, on Monday nights after football I like to do some wankmining before bed.
by jjacksss October 03, 2007
6 1
searching for or downloading porn
I found a video of your mom fucking a black guy when i was wank mining last night
by Reine January 03, 2008
32 5
The act of masturbating while simultaneously surfing porn in a haphazard manner, in the hope of chancing across a piece of such unparalleled hotness/depravity that it pushes you to the point of orgasm.
"Anyone know of any good tips for multiple windows installations, without the mind numbing tedium?"
"do some wank mining on the first, while installing the second"
by wooty January 04, 2008
20 5
Searching for porn.
Oh shit dudes,

I found this video through random wank mining efforts and put it up here 'cause I figured you guys would have a laugh. It had nothing to do with Meg White when I found it.
by itsnotmecraig October 11, 2007
10 1