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A very complex game using a ball or similar object. The aim of the game is to always keep the ball off the ground or 'alive.' Any number of people can play. The main rules are as follows; the ball must not touch the ground, any part of the players body is allowed to make contact with the ball to avoid this happening, with any number of touches. In the event of the ball touching the ground the player responsible receives a letter from the word 'wankerdonkies.' Therefore each time the ball touches the ground that person gets a letter from the word, in the same order. For example Fred has made the ball hit the ground three times - he has the letters, 'W' 'A' 'N'......
The loser of the game is the first person to receive all the letters. This can take a while. It is then up to the winner of the game to chose a forfeit for the loser. Or this can be jointly decided at the beginning. Any forfeit is allowed. Other than that there are no other rules.
"Whose up for a game of wankerdonkies"
"Lads what a great game of wankerdonkies"
"Awesome forfeit as well!!"
by CallMeAl April 14, 2009
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