a title of the infomous opera song "wangsta" preformed by the composer named 50 cent.
by n to the izzle November 01, 2003
Top Definition
People who want to be gangstas.
Connor Nolan and Greg Dube are such wangstas.
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
An EXTREMELY white person who attempts to be "gangsta" (cool black person) in order to "pimp out" with the "bitches" and the "hos". Therefore he dresses, speaks, acts and for all practical purposes is a black person aside from the fact that they are not. (normally hated by all "gangstas" for being posers)
Bitch: ooooo...he's a wangsta...
Gangsta: Damn, Im gonna' fuck that wangsta UP!
by Falcon Wrath April 13, 2004
white people who speak slang and look up words to rap songs at urbandictionary.com

these people also are fronting, if you look that one up then you are a wangsta
look at that stupid ass wangsta
by matt March 05, 2004
whitecrackas and uh oh oreos
ur whitecrackas to my ritz; ur oreos to my ritz (ritz=gangstas) =ur wangsta to my gangsta
by Yoloanda and Shaniqua February 28, 2004
Whitecrackas and uhoh oreos
cody w. and jacob c.
by Yoloanda and Shaniqua February 28, 2004
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