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A slang word for the Nintendo Wii Remote controller, taking the shortened slang word "wiimote" and adding a slight layer of sexual innuendo. Given the size and shape of the device - in conjunction with its resemblance of certain female pleasure toys - wangmote is a natural progression. There were epic levels of double entendre present on the Internet in various circles - forums and webcomics especially - upon the controller's initial unveiling.

The controller lends itself well to be compared to male anatomy. Surely this is the pinnacle of mankind up until this point in our continued evolution.

There is also the consideration of wangmotation, which is defined elsewhere.
The wangmote brings fun and pleasure to all.
#nintendo #nintendo wii #wii #wii remote #wiimote #wangmotation #wangchucking #strell
by Strell December 04, 2006
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